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Nastaran Karimi
Ph.D. in Education

BIO & Background

Nastaran believes we can change the world one child at a time. This is why teaching is her passion. As Martin Luther King puts it, "education is the most powerful weapon we can change the world with."  This philosophy has served as a north star for Nastaran and her personal and professional endeavors. As a result, Nastaran pursued and obtained a Ph.D. in Education. Nastaran started teaching different age groups in various contexts at, a young age. Additionally, Nastaran completed her education in the United States, United Kingdom, and Iran. Her students came from all racial, ethnic, and linguistic backgrounds.


Nastaran takes pride in the ability  to form meaningful relationships with diverse students, in order to create an environment conducive to learning. Nastaran believes that every child matters, every child possesses a unique talent,  and leaning style that if explored, opens a world of wonders. This is what immediately drew Nasaran to ANUVO Education Services because their underlying philosophy and commitment to the success of every child count for a meaningful learning environment.


She is proud to be part of the ANUVO’s values of  “Our Family”, “Our People”, and “Our Community” also strike home as, to her, healthy families and communities are at the heart of a happy life. In her free time, she enjoy attending family and community activities, which she draw much of my energy from. Besides spending time with family and friends, she will never say no to a friendly volleyball match. Nastaran likes to stay active in a fun  and playful way, but also, enjoys a relaxed afternoon of tea and reading. she tries to create a balance between the two, an active and relaxed lifestyle. As a result, her husband (Amir) bond over all sorts of activities such as volleyball, Frisbee, books, puzzles, and much more.

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