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ANUVO Learning Experience

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Did you know?!

"At ANUVO's Education Support Center, each ANUVO Learning Experience includes a minimum of 2 hours of instruction!"


The ANUVO Learning Experience always includes 1 hour of individualized support! We believe that 1 on 1 support, is one of the most effective approaches to overcoming challenging concepts.  By using the information we gathered during on-boarding, our passionate and caring team of experienced educators will customize an ANUVO Learning Experience for each learner.


The second hour of the ANUVO Learning Experience always includes Multi-modal* & Group Learning: Note: AT ANUVO the maximum educator to learner ratio is 1:3 (i.e. 1 educator to 3 learners).


The hour is broken up as follows:

  • 15 min Tactile/Kinesthetic Mode learning

  • 15 min Auditory Mode Learning

  • 15 min Visual Mode Learning

  • 15 min Group Learning Session

*Multi modal learning is a teaching instruction style that integrates multiple approaches to learning by using different modalities (i.e. "modes of learning"). 


To learn more: Check out our BLOG Post on Multi-modal learning!

ANUVO Bundles

ANUVO Education Support Center Learning Experience Bundles

ANUVO Learning Experience

ANUVO Learning System Hourly Rate (All-Inclusive)

$94.97 +HST

$66.45 +HST

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24 Hours of the ANUVO Learning Experience

Majestic Yellow

48 Hours of the ANUVO Learning Experience

Bubbly Blue

72 Hours of the ANUVO Learning Experience

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