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ANUVO´s Learning Experience

1- on - 1 Support and Individualization

The ANUVO Learning Experience

Multi-Modal Learning

Liste d'attente extrêmement longue en santé mentale des enfants, des jeunes et des adolescents pour une consultation initiale pour un enfant qui est/a : Tactile/Kinesthetic - Learn best by touch, feel, and experience, Auditory - Learn best by hearing,Visual - Learn best by sight


Each child will naturally prefer some modes of learning over others, so the ANUVO Learning Experience will support each child´s preferred 'mode' while encouraging the use of the other 'modes' of learning as well.

 Services in French & English
  • JK to Grade 12 - Elementary, Middle School, & High School Student Support JK

  • Assessment & Diagnostic Services - Psycho-Educational, Learning Disabilities, Psychotherapy, & Behavior Specialist

  • JK to Grade 6 - Camps: PD Day & Summer Day Camps w/Before & After Camp Care

  • University & Higher - Math & Science Exam Review Sessions: Post Secondary, and Post Graduate Students

  • Courses: Study Skills, Mindfulness, Organization, etc... available upon request

Poursuivre l'excellence dans tout ce que nous faisons, en offrant une « réelle » valeur à ceux que nous servons

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​Become an Ambassador Today & Let the Savings Roll In

Early Bird Ambassador Enrollment Special SAVE 50% on enrollment and onboarding

1st ALE Session on ANUVO = Savings of 100%

 From 18 years and up, it is possible that a student can also be the ambassador.

2 Hours per Sessions

The ANUVO Learning Experience always includes one hour of individualized support!


1-1 support, is one of the most effective ways to overcome challenging concepts.  By using the information we gathered during the ANUVO onboarding, we will customize an ANUVO Learning plan for each child.

 Additionally, the ANUVO Learning Experience always includes a Multi-modal approach


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