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"At ANUVO Education Support Center, our team works closely with each learner to develop a supportive growth mindset, that supports a sense of creativity and strong self-esteem.  Research has shown that a supportive mindset is critical to learning; that is, your child must believe they can learn and improve in order for them to be in the best state possible".

Meet, A NU VisiOn Team

Yoga at Home
Eranga Harshani

Hello everyone, 

I am an Ontario Certified Teacher currently employed as an International Language Instructor and an OFIP Tutor. I am a well-qualified Teacher with 13 years experience and my qualifications include a Post Graduate Diploma in Education (2014), Master of Arts- Linguistics (2013), Bachelor of Arts – English Major (2010) and a Diploma in Teaching (2007). 

By utilizing my outstanding knowledge, skills and experience, I am in a position to teach your children in such a manner that they would reach beyond the expectations in a particular subject area, without getting bored or stressed. I see myself as a responsive teacher who adapts positively to new challenges with energy and enthusiasm. I am able to plan ahead, manage time and resources, apply imaginative insights and focus on changing things for better. With my excellent interpersonal skill, multi-cultural perspective, shared professional knowledge and personal commitment, your child will be provided with a receptive and positive learning environment where he/she would achieve the goals gradually and steadily, displaying an overall development of the personality. 

I have taken the decision of making my future as an Educator of ANUVO, Barrhaven since they possess the same educational philosophy of mine; every individual learner is unique and a collection of varied skills, interests and capabilities thus in a position to learn with the correct guidance, motivation and inspiration. In a traditional setting in which the students’ unique learning style is less catered to, ANUVO marches forward with a strong ideology to adhere to the learning need of the child in his/her own, distinctive style with individual focus and attention. I am proud to declare myself as a dynamic team member of ANUVO, which is going to create a different learning culture in Barrhaven area, addressing a long felt need of the community. My dear parents and the children, let’s join hands together to feel the difference. 

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Beautiful Landscape
Nastaran "Nasi" Karimi

I believe we can change the world one child at a time. This is why teaching is my passion. As Martin Luther King puts it, education is the most powerful weapon we can change the world with.  This philosophy has served as a north star for my personal and professional endeavors. As a result, I pursued and obtained a Ph.D. in Education. I also started teaching at a young age, which I have continued to do for more than 10 years. I have taught different age groups in various contexts. I have studies and taught in the US, UK, and Iran. My students came from all racial, ethnic, and linguistic backgrounds. What I take pride in through all these experiences is my passion and ability to form a meaningful relationship with diverse students, in order to create an environment conducive to learning.

In my viewpoint, every child matters. Every child possesses a unique talent
and leaning style that if explored, opens a world of wonders. This is why I was immediately drawn to ANUVO. Its similar underlying philosophy and commitment to the success of every child, counts for a meaningful learning environment and I am proud to be part of the team. ANUVO's values of “Our Family”, “Our People”, and “Our Community” also strike home as, to me, healthy families and communities are at the heart of a happy life. Hence, in my free time, I enjoy attending family and community activities, which I draw much of my energy from.


Besides spending time with family and friends, I will never say no to a friendly volleyball match. I like to stay active in a fun and playful way. But I also enjoy a relaxed afternoon of tea and reading. I try to create a balance between the two, an active and relaxed lifestyle. As a result, my husband (Amir) and I bond over all sorts of activities such as volleyball, Frisbee, books, puzzles, and much more.

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Math Formulas
Sam Dubé
"Super Sam"

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