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Give Back Day

"Through collaborative relationships with key partners within our communities; effective action will be taken, needs addressed and growth encouraged".

~ Akil Spooner, CEO & Co-Founder

Community Events @ ANUVO

Each Friday we will be hosting FREE Community Info Sessions and Workshops at ANUVO!  We're located in Unit 102 at 613 Longfields Drive in Barrhaven, Ontario and we are proud to host workshops on topics such as:

  • Mindfulness

  • Life Skills

  • Music

  • Health

  • etc.

We're always looking for unique and innovative ways to engage 


Events Calendar

"We believe the key to “Unlocking A NUVisiOn”™ of innovation and success, requires meaningful community relationships and connections. History is rich with examples of the harmful effects of business practices that operated contrary to the public good. At ANUVO, we believe in contributing to the growth and advancement of our communities."

Source: Our Values

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