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 ANUVO is the Education Support Solution. Each student is engaged with their individual learning preference; seeing, hearing, and/or hands-on.  We focus on how each student learns, by engaging their mode of learning; visual, auditory, kinesthetic/Tactile.  This allows each student to explore and enhance their self-awareness, self-confidence, capability, gaining an enriched sense of the world around them. Our team of Education Solution  Specialists work individually with each family and student so that all ANUVO students are fully prepared for the challenges of the classroom, and the next stages of their lives.


Our Learning System is designed to enhance learning and development by using a research-based approach to learning. We focus on progressive, holistic and multi-modal approaches to learning; and we provide the environment and tools each young learner needs to thrive!  As such, as part of the student enrollment on-boarding process; each student takes the ANUVO Learning Preference Assessment, which identifies each student 's preferred mode of learning.


Our team of Education Solution Specialists use each student's learning preference information as a guiding light and work closely with each family and each student to find the unique key to unlock each student's mind, removing barriers which enables them to reach their fullest potential of success and excellence both in and out of the classroom.

The ANUVO Learning System
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"The ANUVO Learning System is based on cutting-edge principles in the fields of education & psychology.  Our team are committed to the success of our learners, which is the reason that we developed the ANUVO Learning System using a research-based approach to learning.  Each of our learners receives the best cutting-edge education support available. Period.  By combining the most effective and cutting-edge concepts in these fields, we developed the ANUVO Learning System, to Unlock A NU VisiOn of learning excellence within the mind of each learner".

ANUVO Learning System

Developing a Growth Mindset

At ANUVO Education Support Center, our team works closely with each learner to develop a supportive growth mindset, that supports a sense of creativity and strong self-esteem.  Research has shown that a supportive mindset is critical to learning; that is, your child must believe they can learn and improve in order for them to be in the best state possible.  We believe that traditional school environments that put a focus on evaluation, create a limiting mindset that does not support learning and/or learning potential. A supportive and ironclad mindset ensures that our learners continue to grow and flourish while at ANUVO, and beyond!

ANUVO Learning System

1- on - 1 Support and Individualization

The ANUVO Learning Experience always includes individualized support. We believe that 1 on 1 support, is one of the most effective approaches to overcoming challenging concepts.  By using the information we gathered during on-boarding, our passionate and caring team of experienced educators will customize an ANUVO Learning Experience for each learner.

Multi modal learning is a teaching instruction style that integrates multiple approaches to learning by using different modalities (i.e. "modes of learning").  Each learner will naturally prefer some modes of learning over others, so the ANUVO Learning Experience was engineered using a combination of instructional methods, approaches and concepts.  The ANUVO Learning System is designed to further support each learners preferred 'mode' while encouraging the use of the other 'modes' of learning as well.

The ANUVO Difference

Experience the ANUVO Difference

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ANUVO Education Support Center is like no other learning center!  We have combined all the positive aspects of various learning environments and approaches and have created A NU and truly unique learning experience! The ANUVO Learning Experience is further distinguished by the following factors...

Learning Preference Determination

The first stage of the ANUVO on-boarding process helps us find the 'key' to your child's mind.  This is the first step for our team to find the ways in which your child will learn through their preferred mode of learning (i.e. Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic/Tactile).  During our onboarding process our team will also discover whether your child thrives individually or in a group setting and these findings are than incorporated into each student's ANUVO Learning Experience!

Additional Measures

In some cases when a learner requires additional support; with the guidance and input of our learners parents/guardians, our team may require the support of an ANUVO affiliated psychologist.  We understand how unsettling it may feel and our team is here to support you along your journey towards A NU VisiOn of excellence and learning with your young learner.

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