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A NU kind of tutor!

ANUVO™ is a NU kind of education support & tutoring center for childhood development specializing in learning strategies for school aged children from K through 8. The ANUVO™ Learning System is designed to enhance childhood learning & development by using a research based approached to your child's learning. At ANUVO™ we will supplement supplements the work of existing educational programs by working in partnership with public and private schools, students and parents. Staff personnel represents a range of educational expertise with specialized knowledge and teaching skills...

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Akil Spooner
Akil Spooner
Oct 09, 2019

Team ANUVO™ is working hard and we're super excited to be opening the doors to Ottawa's first ANUVO Center in January!

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See you soon!

Akil Spooner ANUVO (2698887 Ontario Inc) Co-Founder | CEO "Unlocking minds with A NU VisiOn"

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