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ANUVO goes to the 1st Annual Ottawa Book Expo

ANUVO was at Ottawa's very first annual, Ottawa Book Expo which took place during the Ottawa farmers market at the Horticulture Building in Landsdowne Park. We met some great folks, had great conversations and even spoke briefly with @jimwatsonottawa!

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ANUVO is a NU kind of education support & tutoring center for childhood development specializing in learning strategies for school aged children from K through 8. Doors open on Longfields Dr in Barrhaven, Ontario in Jan 2020!

Mayor of Ottawa, Jim Watson poses with 2 young girls
Our 2 lovely girls smiling large with @jimwatsonottawa

ANUVO Exibitors booth at the Ottawa Book Expo
The ANUVO booth setup at the Ottawa Book Expo!

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