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My child is falling behind at school. What can I do?

Imagine trying to learn how to make pancakes by following a recipe. Now, if that recipe is written in a language you do NOT understand, what are your chances of successfully making those pancakes? Slim to none, right? Now, imagine that recipe was written in a language you could understand and it also engaged you through your preferred mode of learning? A new world of excellent pancakes would be unlocked for your culinary enjoyment! That's exactly what the ANUVO Learning System is designed to do... no not make pancakes, but engage your child using the language of their learning preference!

Is your child falling behind in school?

When ANUVO co-founders Akil and Sophie Spooner, discovered that their children had started falling behind in as early as Grade 1, they struggled for years to motivate their children to maintain their love of learning. It was through trial, error, frustration and academic and psycho-educational assessments that Akil and Sophie were able to discover the unique learning requirements of their children, including that fact that their eldest daughter is an 'auditory' learner (i.e. she learns best when she 'hears' information).

Are you concerned that something may be wrong?

There's absolutely nothing 'wrong' with your child's ability to learn; however, they must be engaged via their mode of learning! Although Akil and Sophie grew more and more concerned as they attempted to navigate the often turbulent and complex waters of psycho-educational assessments, IEPs and additional accommodations and academic supports, they knew how bright and intelligent their children were and would stop at nothing to support their growth and development.

At home, my child is curious, creative and loves to learn new things. In the classroom however, they don't seem to be engaged. What gives?

Each of us learns in different ways, and your child is no exception! We all learn through one of the 3 modes of learning (i.e. Visual, Auditory, Tactile/Kinesthetic) - see our blog post "What is Multi-modal learning" - so if subject matter, lesson plan or other information isn't presented according to our 'preferred' mode of learning, we are less likely to process, retain and/or recall that information. The ANUVO Learning Experience is designed to do exactly that, encourage learning by engaging learners through their preferred mode of learning.

What can ANUVO do for my child?

ANUVO's proprietary learning assessment, not only identifies your child's preferred mode of learning it also provides us with your child's 'learning syntax' - the unique combination of learning modes, through which your child is most likely to process, store and recall information - which we then use to create an individualized program to support your child's learning and education. Team ANUVO will help your child to tackle that problematic subject matter, by using their learning mode syntax to learn new concepts and ideas.

Learn more about our approach by referring to our "What is the ANUVO Learning System" blog post.

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