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What is ANUVO?

My name is Akil Spooner and I am the co-Founder and CEO of ANUVO. Together with my wife Sophie and our two beautiful young girls we live in the west end of Ottawa, Ontario. With our girls both currently in the public school system I can more than relate to the value that small group sizes combined with individualized learning approaches, can add to a young learners' experience. It was through trial, error, frustration and assessments that we were able to discover the unique learning requirements of our children and we struggled for years to motivate them to maintain her love of learning. We are no strangers to the challenges presented by today’s traditional classroom environment and because we value our children's academic success, we have brought together a Team, to develop a solution to a problem that we see all too frequently; intelligent, bright and eager learners falling behind in the traditional classroom environment.

The solution? ANUVO is a NU kind of Education Support and Tutoring Center in Barrhaven, ON! The ANUVO Learning System combines, individualization, multimodal learning and mindset development to enhance childhood learning!

What sets us apart from the rest? The ANUVO Learning System identifies the learners' preferred mode of learning (i.e. visual, auditory, tactile/kinesthetic) the use during their own unique learning process. The ANUVO Learning System helps us develop the “learning syntax” to Unlock A NU VisiOn of learning excellence.

We are not a school, academy or institution. ANUVO is a NU kind of Education Support Center, that aims to supplement and support learners in their existing educational programs.


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