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What is Multimodal Learning?

The ANUVO Learning System employs a multi-modal learning approach that engages each learners preferred mode of learning. There are 4 mainly recognized "modes" of learning with 2 being so closely related that they're often combined into one. They are:

  1. Visual

  2. Auditory

  3. Tactile*

  4. Kinesthetic*

At ANUVO we recognize that, although everyone has a 'preferred' mode of learning, in the realities of today, we recognize that information may not always be presented in that way. The solution? The #ANUVOLearningSystem engages each learners' "mode" in different ways and our programs are designed according to the unique learning preferences and styles of each of our learners.

Sounds interesting?! Learn more about the learning styles at the LearnUpon Blog site.

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* Kinesthetic and Tactile are often combined under the "kinesthetic" category.

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