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What is the ANUVO Learning System?

The ANUVO Learning System identifies a child’s preferred learning modality, as a basis for customizing individualized learning programs that are best suited to a learner's preferred learning style (for more on the modes of learning check our "What is Multimodal Learning?").

The ANUVO Learning System identifies the specific learning styles and preferences that guides how each child processes information. The resulting learning syntax is ANUVO’s proprietary product that allows us to maximize each child’s learning potential.

This syntax directly informs the program that is built for each learner. Altogether, the education material the child will work on at ANUVO is completely individualized to them based on their learning syntax and academic areas of need.

We believe the KEY to unlocking a positive learning experience, is to be equipped with KNOWLEDGE about each child’s learning preferences; we achieve this through continuous consultation and assessments by #TeamANUVO.

Using the ANUVO Learning System, we are confident that students will be better equipped to engage in their learning; thereby, increasing their academic performance restoring their love of learning with A NU VisiOn.

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