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Winter is coming!

Yes, I know that's an overplayed line, but it's true! Prepare for the winter, it's not too early to book your winter tire appointment (I can't believe I just said that :-/ )

Me and Team ANUVO are working hard towards doors open! Don't forget to bookmark the ANUVO blog site, so you're always up to date with what's happening @ ANUVO.

​ANUVO is not your ordinary kind of tutor.  We engage each learner with different modes of learning and allow them to explore their self-awareness, gaining an enriched sense of the world around them. Our team of experienced and passionate educators will work closely with each learner so that not only are they fully prepared for the challenges of the classroom, but also the next stages of their lives as well.​  

Contact us today @, and together we can discover the key to your child's mind and unlock A NU VisiOn™!

ANUVO is a NU kind of education support & tutoring center for childhood development specializing in learning strategies for school aged children from K through 8. Doors open on Longfields Dr in Barrhaven, Ontario in Jan 2020!

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