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Your child's bright future starts here.

Do you have a school age child in your life who is struggling with school?

Does your child need or have an IEP (Individualized Education Plan) at their school?

Does your child need or have a psychoeducational assessment?

Would you like to know exactly how your child learns, how they interact, and how they will succeed?

ANUVO Education Support Service

ANUVO’s Education Support Services are based on leading-edge, fundamentally proven principles in the fields of education & psychology. These services are fully supported by their highly specialized educators and psychologists; delivering a comprehensive research-based approach to your child's development.

5480 Canotek Rd Unit 14
Gloucester ON K1J 9H5

  • ANUVO Learning Preference Assessment

  • Psycho-educational Assessment

K-12 Educational
Support Solutions

Educational support on the following subjects:

  • Reading

  • Writing

  • Math

  • Science

  • French 

  • English

Group-Learning Camps
  • PD Day Camps

  • Summer Camps

1-on-1 Support and Individualization

The ANUVO Learning Experience always includes individualized support. We believe that 1 on 1 support is one of the most effective approaches to overcoming challenging concepts. By using the information we gathered during on-boarding, our passionate and caring team of experienced educators will customize an ANUVO Learning Experience for each learner.

Plan to Succeed

ANUVO delivers highly-customized, individualized learning programs suited to each child and student’s learning preferences.

ANUVO is dedicated to ensuring that each and every student is shown the tools to build lasting confidence and self-esteem; while improving their overall learning potential.

Multimodal Learning

Multimodal learning is a teaching instruction style that integrates multiple approaches to learning by using different modalities; Tactile/Kinesthetic - Learn best by touch, feel, and experience, Auditory - Learn best by hearing, and Visual - Learn best by sight.

Each person will naturally prefer some modes of learning over others. ANUVO will support each learners preferred 'mode' while encouraging the use of the other 'modes' of learning as well.

Services in French & English

JK to Grade 12: Elementary, Middle School, & High School student support

Assessment & Diagnostic Services: Psycho-educational, learning disabilities, psychotherapy, & behaviour specialist

JK to Grade 6 - Camps: PD Day & Summer day camps with before & after camp care

University & Higher Maths & Science Exam Review Sessions: Post Secondary, and Postgraduate Students

Courses: Study skills, mindfulness, organization, and more.

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ANUVO is a student focused learning environment aiming to partner with parents, students, schools, and child psychologist to deliver a uniquely full spectrum learning experience.

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