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Your Child's Education Matters

ANUVO is a center that helps families with children with mild to moderate learning disabilities (ADHD, ADD, dyslexia, etc..), learn in a one-on-one fluid, and multi-modal environment.


Families and students have access to mental health assessments and services with an ANUVO-affiliated Neuropsychologist without waiting on long waitlists.

ANUVO is purpose-built to engage your child in a safe environment, based on  information specific to them which is informed by their ANUVO Learning Preference Assessment and psychoeducational assessments

The ANUVO Learning Preference Assessment identifies how the child learns best; visual - by sight, auditory - by hearing, or kinesthetic/tactile - hands-on learner.

All the information collected directly informs your child's fluid, individualized, learning plan, that adapts to their changing needs.  The learning plan will engage and stimulate your child, and make learning FUN!

Meet Our Team of Skilled Educators

The ANUVO team works closely with each learner to develop a supportive growth mindset, that supports a sense of creativity and strong self-esteem.


Research has shown that a supportive mindset is critical to learning; that is, your child must believe they can learn and improve in order for them to be in the best state possible.


Akil Spooner  
CED & Co-Founder


Sophie Spooner  
COO & Founder


Sam Dube  
Education Specialist


Sophonia Brisson 
Education Coordinator

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