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Akil Spooner
Co-Founder & CEO
Chief Executive Officer







BIO & Background


Akil hails from Windsor, Ontario, born to Grafton Spooner and the late Jacqueline White. He has an older sister named Nataki, who leads a dual life as a registered nurse and professional piercer alongside her husband Sam and son Jonathan in Huntsville, Alabama, USA. Akil and Sophie tied the knot on June 30, 2006, and are proud parents to two lovely daughters, Ondraya, born in 2008, and Hannah, born in 2012.


Akil's journey toward ANUVO and his passion for learning commenced in the late 80s to early 90s, when his parents grappled with finding adequate support and resources for his unique learning style. Through a series of evaluations and psycho-educational assessments, it became evident that Akil's learning process differed significantly from his peers. Advised against conventional public schooling, Akil's parents embarked on a mission to provide him with tailored support and nurturing. Rejecting any negative labels, Akil's father instilled in him a mindset of excellence, emphasizing the pursuit of personal best.


Educationally, Akil pursued a Bachelor of Business Administration with a focus on Management Information Systems at Andrews University, graduating in December 2005. Fluent in both French and English, Akil's bilingualism enriches his communication abilities.


Professionally, Akil serves as the CEO of ANUVO Education Support Services since May 2019, where he channels his experiences into supporting others. Prior to this, he contributed his expertise as a Business Analyst at Public Safety Canada and held various roles at Bushtukah Inc. and Environment Canada, specializing in business analysis and information management.


Among his achievements, Akil spearheaded the development of governance plans and programs for Microsoft SharePoint implementation at Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Canada. He also crafted decision-tracking tools and policy enhancements at Environment Canada, showcasing his commitment to innovation and efficiency in government operations.

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