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Sophie Spooner
Founder & COO - Chief Operating Officer

BIO & Background

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Sophie's journey began in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, and led her to Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA, before eventually settling in Berrien Springs, MI, to pursue her studies at Andrews University. There, she earned her Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Management. It was during her time at Andrews that Sophie met Akil Spooner, whom she later married, and the couple relocated to Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, where they are now the proud parents of Ondraya and Hannah Spooner.


As Ondraya embarked on her educational journey, Sophie noticed that traditional teaching methods weren't meeting her daughter's unique learning needs, causing her to struggle academically. Despite the challenges, Sophie sought a psycho-educational assessment for Ondraya, which revealed valuable insights into her strengths, weaknesses, and the factors contributing to her academic difficulties. Armed with this knowledge, Sophie became Ondraya's advocate, determined to ensure her daughter received the support she needed within the school system. However, despite having the assessment report in hand, Sophie found that mainstream educational institutions and support services were not adequately tailored to Ondraya's individual learning style or the recommendations outlined in the assessment.


Years of frustration and despair led Sophie to take action. In 2019, she joined forces with Akil and a team of passionate experts in education, psychology, and behavioral services to establish ANUVO Education Support Services. This initiative was born out of Sophie's personal journey, aiming to provide families like hers with the support and resources they need to navigate the education system successfully.


Sophie's professional journey is marked by diverse experiences. From her role as Founder and Chief Operating Officer at ANUVO Education Support Services to her past positions at the Canadian Dairy Commission and Millennium 1 Solutions Inc., she has demonstrated a commitment to making a difference in her community. Fluent in Haitian Creole, French, and English, Sophie's multilingualism reflects her cultural richness and her ability to connect with a diverse range of individuals.

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