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Sophonia Brisson
Education Coordinator

BIO & Background


Sophonia completed a certificate program in Early Education and Care at Urban College and holds teacher certifications in Infants, Toddlers, Preschool, and Kindergarten Preparation, as well as Lead Teacher and Education Coordinator certifications. Serving as a parent representative for South End Head Start in Boston MA USA, for approximately two years, she became deeply involved in advocating for early education.


When Sophonia's son was diagnosed on the autism spectrum at a very young age, she embarked on a journey to find solutions. Attending numerous seminars and classes across Boston MA USA, she sought ways to support her son and became a resource for other parents, meeting with them weekly. Her active participation in monthly policy council meetings allowed her to contribute to critical decisions benefiting the agency as a whole.


Sophonia's involvement led her to become the parent liaison for the Boston Special Education Department at her son’s school. Through these roles, she gained insight into the challenges faced by teachers and administrators and became passionate about advocating for positive changes in educational settings

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