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Assessment Services


Each individual is capable of learning, though often quite differently. Regardless of this, school is taught in predominantly one way.

ANUVO's Solution

The first part of the student onboarding program is to administer the ANUVO Learning Preference Assessment which identifies how the student learns best; visual (learns by sight), auditory (learns best by hearing), or kinesthetic/tactile (learns best hand-on).

ANUVO's Benefits

The knowledge of how each child learns best helps maximize each student’s learning potential.  

There are not enough qualified people to meet the demand.

ANUVO's Solution

ANUVO’s team of professionals includes Psychologist(s),  psychometrists, behavior therapists, and behavior analysts who come with a wide range of expertise in supporting children and their families for behavioral services, psycho-educational assessments, learning disability assessment and/or diagnostics, etc.


Additionally, ANUVO’s team includes qualified educators with experience in the classroom, one-on-one, in small a group, of different ages, grade levels, abilities, and mental health and learning challenges, 

ANUVO's Benefit

Families who are currently on waitlists for psychoeducational, psychotherapy, psychology, behavioral, and psycho-therapy services are able to get their child services at ANUVO sooner.

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Cost is one of the greatest barriers to a person’s mental health. Other treatments are often up to $350 for 4 hours max. of service a time.  Additionally, an Insurance reimbursement option is not always available or enough to cover the cost for the behavioral or psychological services and/or assessments.

ANUVO's Solution

  • Affordable cost

  • Health insurance reimbursement is always an available option 

  • Monthly Session Packages Plan with 1-4 sessions per week



Cost is not a barrier to your child’s mental health services

Get more for your money at ANUVO

Important Statistics

Roughly 1.2 million children and youth in Canada experience mental health challenges, for: (Carleton Univer Sity -

  • anxiety and depression 

  • eating disorders 

  • attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

  • etc.

Extremely long child, youth, and adolescent mental health waiting list for an initial consultation for a child who is/has: 

  • avoiding group activities due to anxiety

  • failing school secondary to serious ADHD behaviour

  • been suspended from school for serious aggressive behaviour

  • Median wait times for initial assessment by clinical priority level (National Libary of Medicine Canada)

    • Low: 90 days

    • Moderate: 60 days

    • High: 15 days

    • Extremely High: 1 day

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