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K-12 educational
support solutions on all topics and subject


Overcrowded Classroom, average classroom size is 1 teacher to 30 students.  More than half of the average classroom students are on an individualized education plan.  However, individual support is not possible because the need for one-on-one highly customized education solutions and/or support is much greater than the
current classroom is able to support.

ANUVO's Solution

ANUVO individual education support services along with psychotherapy, psychological, behavioral, and assessment services are offered on a one-on-one individual basis. The ANUVO learning experience is unique to each student and
each family.


ANUVO's Benefit

Each ANUVO student is able to receive the one-on-one support needed to be on the right track towards reaching their fullest potential.

A high number of capable intelligent children fall through the cracks, from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 12, and are moved to the next grade level annually without the ability to read or grasp the content.

ANUVO's Solution

The ANUVO onboarding process is comprehensive because it collects all pertinent information about the student’s personality, interests, ability, and inabilities, which makes a truly unique ANUVO Learning Experience because the student and their parents inform it.

ANUVO's Benefit

ANUVO students have the tools to succeed and reach their fullest potential because learning is fun, and information is presented to them on a topic of interest to them,  on an individual basis, and in the manner that they learn best.


Each individual learns best when information is presented
to them in a different way than the next person.

ANUVO's Solution

The ANUVO Learning Preference Assessment is the first step following student enrollment because it identifies if the student learns better when information is presented visually, verbally, or with substantial hands-on experience.



The ANUVO Learning Preference Assessment result is used to inform the student’s customized individual learning plan wherein content is mostly presented to the student using their individual learning preference.

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