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Samuel (Sam) Dube
Education Specialist

BIO & Background



Sam Dubé, B.Sc. (Double H. Math & Physics), M.D., M.Sc., Ph.D., C.S.C.S., is a health, performance, and educational consultant with nearly four decades of experience in the tutoring industry. 


Sam is a retired multi-award-winning member of the Faculty of Science at Carleton University with a formal background in math, physics, biology, psychology, anthropology, music, health science, and medicine, with a doctorate in modern applied mathematics and a medical residency in family and sports medicine. 


Sam is passionate about human potential in general, including the realms of athletic performance, success & motivation, teaching & learning, and has presented internationally on the subjects of accelerated learning, intelligence, and creativity. 


In keeping with his broad, balanced, and holistic approach and interests, Sam also continues to tutor, coach, present, and facilitate in the capacity of a venerated strength & conditioning expert, former martial arts instructor, broadcaster, drug-free weightlifting champion, and academic physician. 


Fluently Bi-lingual French and English

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